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Key Questions Knowledge, Understanding, Skills, Content Activities Resources
·         Where is Kenya?

·         What is it like as a country?

·         to know where Kenya is on a world map and be able to locate it accurately

·         to begin to understand what it is like as a country and how it differs from the UK

·         brainstorm ‘Kenya’ – establish what the students know already

·         do mapwork

·         read through information sheet

·         prep – crossword

·         maps

·         information sheet

·         crossword

·         What are Kenya’s physical features like? ·         to understand the term ‘physical features’

·         to understand how the Rift Valley was formed

·         read p.44-5 in New Places

·         discuss the formation of the Rift Valley

·         complete Q.1 and 2

·         New Places
·         What are Kenya’s human features like? ·         to understand the term ‘human features’

·         to know what type of human features Kenya has

·         discuss the term ‘human features’

·         mapwork

·         read p.46-7 in New Places

·         do Q. 1 and 2

·         maps

·         New Places

·         What is life like in the rural region South of Nairobi? ·         to appreciate that life is very rural near to the capital

·         to begin to understand the Maasai way of life

·         read p.54-55 in New Places

·         complete questions on WS

·         extension: students can read the Maasai information sheet

·         complete decision-making worksheet

·         ask students to take a laminated sheet each. With each other’s help, they need to put themselves in the correct order to show how land is degraded over time.

·         New Places

·         question sheet

·         Maasai information sheet

·         decision-making exercise WS

·         What is subsistence farming?

·         What is it like to the west of the Rift Valley?

·         to understand what subsistence farming is and why it occurs

·         to appreciate what life must be like to the west of the Rift Valley

·         read p.56-7 in New Places

·         complete Q.1-4

·         New Places
·        What is commercial farming? ·        to understand what commercial farming is and why it occurs ·         read p.58-9

·         complete Q.1 and 2

·         New Places
·         What is sustainable development?

·         Why is it important?

·         to understand the concept of sustainable development and why it is important ·         read p.60-1

·         copy out a definition of ‘sustainable development’

·         complete Q.1 and 2

·         New Places

·         Sustainable development definition

·         What are holidays in Kenya like?

·         What are the pros and cons of tourism in Kenya?

·         to understand what type of holiday Kenya can offer

·         to appreciate that tourism is not without its problems

·         read p.48-9

·         complete Q.1 and 2

·         read p.50-1

·         complete Q.1-3

·         New Places
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