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·         Whereabouts in the world can we find major ice masses today?

·         How much of Britain and Europe was covered by ice during the Ice Ages?

·         to appreciate whereabouts in the world major ice masses are found

·         to use an atlas to name them properly

·         to understand how much of Britain and Europe was covered by ice during the Ice Ages

·         mapwork: using atlases, students to name the nine major ice masses found in the world today

·         mapwork: complete the worksheet on Britain and Europe using atlases

·         go through answers – students to correct any mistakes

·         atlases

·         major ice masses around the world worksheet

·         Britain/Europe during the ice ages worksheet

·         How is ice formed?

·         What was life like during the ice ages?

·         to understand that ice is formed from snow

·         to appreciate how life must have been like in the ice ages

·         Q & A to recap the world’s current major ice masses and how much of Britain and Europe were covered by ice in the last ice age

·         read through passage on how ice is formed on OHT – students to copy

·         as a class, read through handout on life in the ice ages

·         questions for Q & A

·         how is ice formed? OHT

·         handout on life in the ice age

·         What is a glacier?

·         How do glaciers affect the landscape?

·         What types of glacial erosion landscapes exist?

·         to understand what a glacier is

·         to be able to understand that glaciers erode, transport and deposit materials

·         to appreciate how glacial erosion takes place and the landforms that result from it

·         define the key term ‘glacier’ – students to copy definition

·         recap erosion/transportation/deposition – link back to coastal erosion

·         briefly introduce that glaciers erode, transport and deposit material – use OHT, students to copy

·         recap freeze-thaw weathering

·         glacial erosion landforms: read through information on handout; complete questions on p.51

·         read through second handout; complete questions on p.53

·         glacier definition on OHT

·         how do glaciers affect the landscape OHT

·         2 x information handout on glacial erosion landscapes

·         What types of glacial deposition landscapes exist?


·         to appreciate how glacial deposition landscapes are formed


·         read through handout on glacial deposition landforms; complete questions on p.55


·         glacial deposition landforms handout


·         What do glacial landforms look like on an OS map? ·         to recap four and six figure grid references

·         to be able to recognise glacial features on OS maps

·         read through glacial landforms on OS maps handout; talk through the features 1-7

·         ask students to complete the same for features a-e in pairs

·         discuss answers, correct any mistakes

·         complete longer questions on p.57 using map from p.56

·         glacial landforms on OS maps handout

·         p.56 & 57

·         How are glacial landscapes used by people? ·         to understand that glacial highlands are a resource for people ·         read information sheet

·         write out key points onto worksheet as two spider diagrams

·         resource sheets, worksheets
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