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Rivers and flooding

Key Questions Knowledge, Understanding, Skills, Content Activities Resources
·         What are the states of water?


·         to appreciate that there are three states of water (solid, liquid, gas) and the different processes that lead to these states


·         Q & A to establish how much the students already know

·         put up diagram – discuss, then students to copy

·         hand out key words sheet. In pairs, students match up key words and definitions

·         Prep – World Rivers sheet (Geog.1 Teacher’s Book)

·         three states of water image for board

·         key words sheet

·         world Rivers Prep sheet

·         What are the main stores of water?

·         What is the water cycle?

·         to appreciate where in the world water is stored

·         to understand how water is cycled in the world

·         briefly recap on last lesson’s work

·         the main stores of water – put table onto board, students to copy

·         Q & A to establish how much the students know about the water cycle

·         put up diagram on the board and talk through with them – the key words will need explaining

·         ask for 6 volunteers. Students receive a laminated card each (with part of the water cycle on it) and try, with the help of the rest of the class, to stand in the right order. Repeat with another 6 students if necessary.

·         hand out ‘The Water Cycle’ worksheet. Help students to match each diagram with its correct information box. Cut out and stick into exercise book.

·         read p.72-3 in Geog.1. Do Q. 2 and 3.

·         prep – Billy the Raindrop storyboard.

·         main stores of water

·         water cycle image

·         laminated cards

·         ‘The Water Cycle’ worksheet & answers on board

·         Geog.1 textbooks

·         Billy The Raindrop storyboard outline

·         What happens to a river on its journey? ·         to understand the parts of the river

·         to understand the key words associated with a river’s journey

·         read p. 74-5 in Geog.1. Discuss key words. Student to copy key words from board.

·         copy the river long profile diagram with an explanation as to what it is.

·         go through Q. 1-6 as a class. Q.7 to be completed in pairs.

·         Prep – features of a river basin worksheet

·         Geog.1 books

·         PP presentation with key words

·         Features of a river basin WS

·         What work does a river do? ·         to understand the link between erosion, transportation and deposition ·         read p.78-9 in Geog.1

·         go through Q.1-5 as a class.

·         Geog.1 books
·         What landforms does the river create? ·         to understand that different landforms are created by different processes ·         read p.80-1 in Geog.1

·         do Q.1 as a class

·         copy the diagrams as to how a waterfall develops with annotations

·         do worksheet on Niagara Falls

·         discuss ox-bow lakes and how they form

·         copy diagrams from book with annotations

·         discuss Q.4 and complete as a class

·         Geog.1 books

·         Niagara Falls worksheet, atlases, answers on PP

·        What are floods?

·        What causes floods?

·        to understand what floods are and what causes them ·         read p.84-5 in Geog.1

·         write out paragraph to explain what floods are

·         copy diagram from top of p.84

·         do Q.1-2

·         talk through Q.3

·         Geog.1 books

·         PP presentation with answers

·         What happened in the UK in 2000? ·         to understand that flooding happens in the UK ·         read through p.86-7 in Geog.1

·         discuss Q.1-5

·         Geog.1 books
·         What happening in Bangladesh in 2004? ·         to understand that flooding happens in other parts of the world as well


·         discuss where Bangladesh is on the world map – Q&A to establish if anyone knows anything about Bangladesh already

·         read 88-9 in Geog.1

·         discuss Q.1-5 as a class and complete the questions

·         Geog.1 books

·         Flooding in Bangladesh WS

·         How do we cope with floods? ·         to understand the different methods we have to deal with flooding

·         to appreciate that it is much more difficult to deal with the aftermath of flooding in LEDCs than in MEDCs

·         read p.90-1 in Geog.1

·         discuss Q.1-2

·         discuss Q.3-4 and write answers on board. Students to copy.

·         Briefly discuss Q.5

·         Geog.1 books


·         How can we read a river map? ·         to link the previous topic, Mapskills, with this one

·         to use the skills learnt already to read a river map

·         as a class, read through the worksheet and then complete the questions. ·         Worksheet

·         Map on PP

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