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Countries and continents

Key Questions Knowledge, Understanding, Skills, Content Activities Resources
·         What is Geography? ·         ‘Geography is the scientific study of the earth’s surface and its physical features, its climate, its products and its population’ ·         brainstorm ‘Geography’ – write ideas on the board

·         copy definition from OHT

·         distinguish between physical, environmental and human geography with a key

·         copy definition of physical/environmental/human geography from OHT

·         students copy brainstorm and key

·         if time, students produce posters divided into human/environmental/physical geography using pictures from National Geographics

·         definitions on OHT

·         National Geographics

·         What are countries and continents?

·         How are they different?

·         to understand that there are 7 continents and 182 countries in the world

·         to be able to recognise on a map the shape of the continents and to be able to spell the names correctly

·         a country is a nation or state with its own people, government and culture. It often has its own language, eg. Germany, South Africa.

·         a continent is a large area of land, usually made up of many countries, eg. Europe, Africa

·         brainstorm country vs. continent

·         write out definitions

·         using worksheet 1, unjumble continents and label on a map

·         using worksheet 2, label Western European countries on a map

·         OHT of definitions

·         worksheets

·         blank world maps, blank Europe maps

·         Where are the world’s major oceans and seas? ·         to understand that there are 5 oceans and several main seas in the world

·         to be able to name the world’s oceans and main seas on a map

·         an ocean is a large body of salt water found between continents

·         brainstorm names of oceans and seas the students may have come across

·         using worksheet 1, place them on a world map

·         label continents and seas then make 3D globes

·         prep: countries/continents/oceans/seas WS

·         WS1 with list of oceans/seas

·         3D globes

·         prep sheet


·         What are the UK’s main physical and human features? ·         to be able to identify on a map the UK’s main rivers, upland areas and cities ·         unjumble the letters to find the names of UK cities; place them on a blank map using an atlas

·         from a list, students to identify the correct rivers and upland areas and label a UK map

·         WS

·         atlases

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