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Action plan 2015-16

Target Strategies Timeframe Person responsible Target Achieved – How measured?
A-Level (A-C) Alis predictions for individual students need to be realistically set against the teachers predictions based on work ethic, attitude, homework and attainment.



Students who are in danger of dropping below the expected level.




Make sure students at the top end are working to their predicted grades and given work which will inspire and push them.




Keep the Head of 6th Form up dated as to the level the students are working – particularly those working well below their target level. This will be to ensure that there is a paper trail and those that need to know have been informed.



Weekly revision sessions for the A2 students repeating AS examinations in June. This will be done to improve the grade of those that did poorly in the AS examinations. They will be required to attend these sessions and a register will be taken to see that they are attending these sessions.



Extended writing sessions so that they can prepare themselves for the examinations longer questions which requires them to examine and argue points of view.

Achieved by the end of the first term – December 2015. This will be an ongoing processes which will need to be revised on a termly basis.




Half term 2015 – however names will be added and removed according to how well they are working



Continuous – mentor grades (fortnightly) and final examination






On-going. There is no time frame for this. It will be examined during meetings and then the appropriate action taken







Done over the year – starting November 2015













Individual teachers working with JG







Teachers with JG






JG – to check mentor grades, reporting and mark books.







Department – individual teachers










Teacher put onto the activity and JG to monitor












Teachers JF / SG

Results in the final examination should meet those of the teachers predicted grades.





Ongoing tests and the final examination.





Mentor grades, tests and final examination.







When everyone is in the loop and in the know about the individuals performance.









Final examination













Examination and tests

IB grades – in line with their predictions Continue to monitor students.




Revision needs to be focused for these students due to the fact that English is their second language



IB examination practise – so that they gain a clear understanding of what is required from them on the day of their examinations.

On going





On going






On-going, although more examination practice as the examinations approach













Final examination











Tests / Examinations

IGCSE – Improve and maintain overall grades


A* – A for June 2015 was really good – we need to maintain this level with continuous testing, examination preparation, revision techniques and revision sessions.



Improve the grade at the lower end – aim for the minimum grade being a C.










Target students who are truly struggling and run independent revision clinics for them. A safe environment for them to make mistakes and learn from each other without being intimidated by the more able in the “normal” class

After mock examinations (January 2016)








Revision clinics after school in the final term. Continuous testing during the period after mock examinations. Going over key words and command words (what is expected). How to write an essay in the exam and what is required according to the mark allocation.



Revision sessions during lunch after mocks













































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