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Year 8 Revision

For the geography end of year exam you will need to know the following:

Hazards – Earth’s structure, plate boundaries, types of plate boundaries (4), earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes and flooding UK, Somerset 2014.

Development – factors affecting trade, fair trade

Rivers – profiles and stages of a river, erosion, erosive landforms (waterfalls, ox-bow lakes and levees)

Middle East – countries, capitals, biomes and conflict (Palestine – Israel)


Year 8 Plate boundaries

Year 8 Tectonic hazards

Year 8 Earthquakes

Year 8 Volcanoes

Year 8 Tropical Storms 1Year 8 Rivers 1

Year 8 Rivers 1

Year 8 Development

Year 9 Middle East – Biomes-and-Climate

Year 8+9 Middle East conflict

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