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Summer Tour of the World….

World tour

7 Summer

You and a friend have been given a £20,000 travel voucher to create your own tour around the world this summer. This will cover the costs of the flights and the activities.

You will set off on Saturday 4th July and return to London Gatwick on Sunday 30th August 2015.

 7 summer 2


Your tour must incorporate eight or more of the following activities:

1. A visit to at least one place in each of the six inhabited continents*
2. At least one long car journey (you’ll have a chauffeur)
3. At least one music concert for a band of your choice
4. Climbing at least one mountain
5. White water rafting down one river
6. A bungee jump
7. Visiting one of the Seven
Wonders of the World
8. A night in a rainforest
9. Eating a something you would not normally try.
10. Watching the sun rise on a tropical island
11. Snowboarding or skiing

12. Cage diving with sharks
13. A parachute jump
14. Diving on a reef
15. Watching a sporting fixture

You can add other activities onto your list – but they must be exciting and fun!!

7 summer 3


You must plan out your route and include the prices of your flights. Every aspect of this trip needs to be accounted for – flights, accommodation, the price of the activities you undertake (e.g. diving trip on the reef) and food.

7 summer 4



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