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Urban challenges in the UK

canary wharf

Key idea Specification content
Urban change in cities in the UK leads to a variety of social, economic and environmental opportunities and challenges. Overview of the distribution of population and the major cities in the UK.

A case study of a major city in the UK to illustrate:

• the location and importance of the city in the UK and the wider world • impacts of national and international migration on the growth and character of the city • how urban change has created opportunities: • social and economic: cultural mix, recreation and entertainment, employment, integrated transport systems • environmental: urban greening • how urban change has created challenges: • social and economic: urban deprivation, inequalities in housing, education, health and employment • environmental: dereliction, building on brownfield and greenfield sites, waste disposal • the impact of urban sprawl on the rural–urban fringe, and the growth of commuter settlements.

An example of an urban regeneration project to show: • reasons why the area needed regeneration • the main features of the project.

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