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Economic change in the UK


Key idea Specification content
Major changes in the economy of the UK have affected, and will continue to affect, employment patterns and regional growth. Economic futures in the UK:

• causes of economic change: de-industrialisation and decline of traditional industrial base, globalisation and government policies • moving towards a post-industrial economy: development of information technology, service industries, finance, research, science and business parks • impacts of industry on the physical environment. An example of how modern industrial development can be more environmentally sustainable • social and economic changes in the rural landscape in one area of population growth and one area of population decline • improvements and new developments in road and rail infrastructure, port and airport capacity • the north–south divide. Strategies used in an attempt to resolve regional differences • the place of the UK in the wider world. Links through trade, culture, transport, and electronic communication. Economic and political links: the European Union (EU) and Commonwealth.

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