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Demand for food resources is rising globally but supply can be insecure, which may lead to conflict.


Areas of surplus (security) and deficit (insecurity): • global patterns of calorie intake and food supply • reasons for increasing food consumption: economic development, rising population • factors affecting food supply: climate, technology, pests and disease, water stress, conflict, poverty.

Impacts of food insecurity – famine, undernutrition, soil erosion, rising prices, social unrest.

Different strategies can be used to increase food supply.


Overview of strategies to increase food supply: • irrigation, aeroponics and hydroponics, the new green revolution and use of biotechnology, appropriate technology • an example of a large scale agricultural development to show how it has both advantages and disadvantages.

Moving towards a sustainable resource future: • the potential for sustainable food supplies: organic farming, permaculture, urban farming initiatives, fish and meat from sustainable sources, seasonal food consumption, reduced waste and losses • an example of a local scheme in an LIC or NEE to increase sustainable supplies of food.

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