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Natural hazards

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What you need to know:

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Natural hazards pose major risks to people and property.


Definition of a natural hazard.

Types of natural hazard.

Factors affecting hazard risk.


Natural hazards are naturally occurring physical phenomena caused either by rapid or slow onset events. These events have the potential to threaten people and/or cause damage, destruction and death.

hazard 2

Drought – Sudan

Classifying natural hazards:

Natural hazards are most commonly classified by their physical process – what caused the hazard to occur:

Tectonic hazards – earthquakes, volcanoes

Atmospheric hazards – hurricanes

Geomorphological hazards – flooding

Biological hazards – forest fires (involve living organisms)

hazard 1

Impact of Hurricane Harvey 2017 (USA)

What factors affect risk?

Incidence of natural hazards is increasing. How is this the case?

This is mainly due to human influences such as global warming, deforestation and urbanisation.

The frequency and magnitude of natural hazards is increasing.

With over 7 billion people on the planet it is inevitable that we are going to increasingly be in contact with natural hazards.

hazard 4

Haiti earthquake – 2010


What are Natural Disasters? – Definition & Types – Click on the link below.



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