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A – Level

Contemporary geography is a subject which

explicitly engages with the relationship of human

populations to each other over space and time and

their relationship with their physical environment at a

variety of scales from the local to the global.

All units specified in AQA GCE Geography offer

opportunities for candidates to consider:

• their own roles, values and attitudes in relation to

themes and issues being studied

• the roles, values and attitudes of others including


In examinations it is always likely that relevant and

measured expressions and evaluations of such values

and attitudes will be creditworthy and on occasions

may be explicitly required by examination questions

and tasks.

The subject content follows an issues and impacts

approach throughout. It has a developmental

structure designed to facilitate progression through

the course and beyond to link with the demands

of higher level study. Concepts covered at GCSE

may be revisited at AS, but not repeated. Concepts

covered in AS may be further developed but not

repeated at A2.


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