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Coastal systems and landscapes


This section of our specification focuses on coastal zones, which are dynamic environments in which landscapes develop by the interaction of winds, waves, currents and terrestrial and marine sediments. The operation and outcomes of fundamental geomorphological processes and their association with distinctive landscapes are readily observable. In common with water and carbon cycles, a systems approach to study is specified. Student engagement with subject content fosters an informed appreciation of the beauty and diversity of coasts and their importance as human habitats. The section offers the opportunity to exercise and develop observation skills, measurement and geospatial mapping skills, together with data manipulation and statistical skills, including those associated with and arising from fieldwork.


Landforms of coastal erosion

Coastal erosion – Back to nature

Coastal fieldwork

Emergent and submergent coastlines 

Sea level change : causes of coastal landforms

Coastal management

Coastal defences – hard and soft engineering

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